FIEGI (Finances, Investments, and Extremely Good Insight) Report – July 28, 2022

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Hello PFG family and friends! I’m going to keep the intro short and sweet, so everyone can continue to enjoy their summer. I think you’ll like this week’s article and accompanying diagram below:

So What’s Your Plan for the Bear Market (5-minute article)

Conclusion: The most important part of investing is to make sure you have a plan that lets you stay invested for the long-term. An extremely simple plan could be:

  1. Ask yourself, “why am I investing?” It’s not a plan if there aren’t goals.
  2. Determine what balance of stocks vs. bonds are you comfortable staying with for the long-term
  3. Focus on controlling the things that are in your control

We have a wonderful Venn diagram below to help you remember the things that matter in life and the things that you can control (it’s not all encompassing, but hopefully paints the picture). We try every day to help our clients continue to focus on the middle section of the diagram. Try your best to not get distracted and anxious about things that we can’t control.

Monthly Quote:

“Making money slowly is much better than making – then losing – money quickly.”

-David Booth (Founder of Dimensional Fund Advisors)

Ryan FiegiFIEGI (Finances, Investments, and Extremely Good Insight) Report – July 28, 2022

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