How Much is Your Dental Practice Worth?

Brian Hanks Practice Transitions 2 Comments

When buying or selling a dental practice, one of the key elements of the deal is the ability to accurately answer the question – how much is your dental practice worth? For buyers, specifically, the answer to this question is the second of the three big questions we help them answer when buying a dental practice: Is this a good practice to buy? If yes, what price is fair to pay? If I pay that much, how much should I expect to make? As a seller, the selling price of the practice can feel like the culmination of a career’s worth of effort growing and developing a dental business. When I help buyers consider the price of a practice, I remind them of a key fact: you don’t want to overpay for a practice, BUT wealth in dentistry does not come from buying and selling dental practices. The true value …

Brian HanksHow Much is Your Dental Practice Worth?