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Providing a Comprehensive Plan for Your Practice and Personal Financial Health.

The Practice Financial Group Story

Practice Financial Group was established in 2010 to help dental practice owners alleviate the stress and complexities of managing their business’ and personal finances.

Our mission is to empower these professionals with the peace of mind they need to focus on their patients by providing them with expert, holistic financial services–including managing business cash flow, proactive tax planning and preparation, financial planning, accounting, and more.

By serving the dental profession exclusively, we’ve developed a deep understanding of the financial nuances that characterize dental practices. This expertise allows us to consistently deliver the most powerful financial impact for our clients.

Driven to Serve

At Practice Financial Group, everything we do is guided by the five core values that form the foundation of our practice:


What Sets Practice Financial Group Apart

Many dentists hire multiple, disparate firms to manage their financial life, such as a CPA firm, an investment manager, and a financial planner. Compared with this approach, Practice Financial Group offers a wholistic service that connects all parts of your financial life.

Nonspecialized Financial Firms Practice Financial Group
Services1-2 services, leaving you to hire other professionals for the rest of your needsComprehensive suite of services
AdvisorsMultiple, disparate advisors working in siloed areasOne team dedicated to your overall financial success
RecommendationsSiloed recommendations don’t take your firm’s full financial picture into accountOur customized playbook offers comprehensive recommendations for every financial aspect of your business and personal life
ConsultingSparse, irregular, reactive consultingAmple, frequent consulting is built into our services
ClientsBroad; serves most industriesDeep; serves only dental practice owners

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