Buy a Dental Practice the Smart Way

Guiding You to Practice Ownership

Purchase Your Practice with Confidence

At Practice Financial Group, we have more than a decade of experience helping dentists of all specialties purchase the right practice for them.

Whether you are just beginning to kick around the idea of purchasing your own practice or you’re ready to jump in and need some help working out the finances, our team has specialized financial and business expertise to guide you through the process.

Our proven, three-phase process guides you through every step of your ownership journey.


Initial Analysis

Our team will analyze potential profitability, assess the asking price, project cash flows and help you prepare a letter of intent when you find a practice you’re interested in purchasing.


Due Diligence

When it’s time to decide whether to purchase, we’ll guide you in selecting an attorney, negotiating price and terms, assessing the lease, drafting a purchase agreement, analyzing and selecting a loan, and allocating the purchase price.


Plan & Execute

Once terms are agreed upon, it’s time to finalize the purchase agreement, lease, loan, and insurance policies. We’ll also help you kick off your accounting and financial planning process as you near your closing date.

How to Get Started With Us

We believe in empowering your business growth by providing you with strong, comprehensive financial and tax advice. But we believe it takes more than the right partner to guide your business to growth–it takes instilling the mindset as well.

Dental owners who see the most success when investing in our services share our growth mindset and commitment to learning.

If you’re ready to commit to building your dental practice through comprehensive financial and tax advice, we recommend you start by reading Dentist to Dealmaker. Our Founder, Nate Williams, distilled over a decade of experience helping doctors buy and successfully own their own practices in his book, Dentist to Dealmaker.

We kindly ask every practice owner who chooses to work with our business to read this book before our engagement to ensure we are aligned and mutually committed to building your practice.


Get in touch with our team when you’re ready to take the next step: