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If you’re a motivated financial professional inspired to change lives, Practice Financial Group could be the right home for you.

Driven to Serve

At Practice Financial Group, everything we do is guided by the five core values that form the foundation of our firm:


People First

We prioritize our clients, employees and families before everything else. When it comes to making business decisions, we make sure it's the right choice for our employees before considering the bottom line.


Act with Integrity

We don't just talk the talk; we back our promises up with real action. We're willing to make the hard decisions when we know they're the right choices.


Pursue Excellence

Because we've dedicated our practice to exclusively serving dental professionals, we're able to do it better than anyone else, and we're committed to continuously improving the value we bring to dental practice owners.


Embrace Change

We consistently evaluate new technology to make sure the resources we provide evolve along with changes in the industry, client challenges and the needs of our team.


Serve the World

Advisors are attracted to Practice Financial Group because of our technical and financial knowledge and resources. They stay because of the powerful positive impact their work enables them to make on the lives of people they build relationships with.

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Why Join Practice Financial Group?


Growth Focused

As a member of our team, we’re focused on your success. We provide powerful learning opportunities to help our employees grow and thrive–and celebrate their successes throughout their development journeys.


Mission Oriented

Everyone at Practice Financial Group is laser focused on the same vision: Helping our clients accelerate progress toward their financial goals, while eliminating stress and complexities for them along the way.


Work-Life Balance

Most of our employees understand the grind of the accounting world, but we believe people do their best work when it’s balanced with life outside of the office. That’s why we prioritize a more casual environment, care for each others’ well-being and offer ample vacation time.


Certification Assistance

If you’re looking to obtain your CPA or CFP certification, Practice Financial Group will help pay for study materials and ensure you have what you need to master the material. More importantly, Practice Financial Group will provide ample opportunity to apply what you learn in your daily work.


Competitive Pay and Benefits

Practice Financial Group offers generous compensation and benefits packages, including 401(k) plans, PTO and insurance coverage.

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