May 3, 2023

FIEGI Report – When Headlines Worry You, Bank on Principles

Written By: Ryan Fiegi

Hello everyone! We’ve been away for a bit finishing up tax season, but we’re back with another edition of the FIEGI Report. Enjoy!

When Headlines Worry You, Bank on Principles (4-min article)

Summary: When the unexpected happens, many investors feel like they should be doing something with their portfolios. Often, headlines and pundits stoke these sentiments with predictions of more doom and gloom. Remember that uncertainty is unavoidable, market timing is futile, and diversification is your friend. By focusing on these principles, you can weather short-term ups and downs and avoid making shortsighted missteps.


Monthly Quote:

“The ultimate form of preparation is not planning for a specific scenario, but a mindset that can handle uncertainty.”

-James Clear (Author/Speaker)

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