Negotiate the Asset Allocation When Buying a Dental Practice

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When trying to negotiate buying a dental practice, it’s important to find ways to negotiate beyond just the price. A good negotiation is one where you can avoid simply haggling over one number. In last week’s post, we discussed how a buyer can get real dollars in their pocket by negotiating the purchase of the accounts receivable. Today we’ll discuss another great way to find real value when you negotiate buying a dental practice – the asset allocation. What is the Asset Allocation on a Dental Practice Transition? Asset allocation is an accounting term. Asset allocation is a fancy way to say how much value the accountants in the deal are assigning to the different items being purchased. “But I’m only buying one thing,” you may say, “a dental practice!” Not true, says the IRS. When you buy a pair of shoes in the store you really are only buying …

Brian HanksNegotiate the Asset Allocation When Buying a Dental Practice