Why Should Dentists Hire an Investment Advisor?

Nate Williams Investments 2 Comments

This post is the second in a series of five posts that lay out the PFG Investment Philosophy. This describes why dentists should hire an investment advisor. Through these posts, we try and lay the foundation of knowledge around investments that clients should know, and answer the most commonly asked questions. Hiring an investment advisor is like a golfer hiring a caddie. Have you ever seen a pro golfer without one? No, and you never will. Why? What does the caddie do to earn their compensation? Like an investment advisor, they provide three key services: Administrative support (carry your bags). Your advisor should handle paperwork, trading, rebalancing, tax notices, etc. You should help make high-level decisions and do nothing else. Technical Expertise (they know the course). Your job is to make money as a dentist. Let your advisor be the expert on investing. It’s your advisor’s job to know the difference …

Nate WilliamsWhy Should Dentists Hire an Investment Advisor?