Jan 28, 2022

The Fiegi Report – January 2022

Written By: Ryan Fiegi

Introducing The Fiegi Report! This new semi-monthly post will include links to articles, videos and short summaries for all to read. It is designed to be a 5-10 minute training to elevate everyone’s collective investment knowledge. I hope you enjoy, and away we go:

Tuning Out the Noise

Summary: The link above has a short 2-minute video reminding everyone to tune out the noise of those pesky “market” headlines; along with further explanation in a short article.

Conclusion: “When faced with short-term noise, it is easy to lose sight of the potential long-term benefits of staying invested. A financial advisor (Practice Financial Group) can provide the expertise, perspective, and encouragement to keep you focused on your destination and in your seat when it matters most.”


Monthly Quote:

A fictional meeting between Jeff Bezos & Warren Buffet:

JB: “Warren, your investing strategy is so simple; why doesn’t everyone just copy you?”

WB: “Because nobody wants to get rich SLOW.”

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