Admired Leadership Field Notes

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Hello friends, For a few years I’ve been trying to learn and grow as a leader under the tutelage of Admired Leadership. One thing I’ll say I’ve learned about leadership is this: leadership is much more about character and behavior than position or rank. Throughout my life I have seen great leadership from insignificant, undecorated people. I have also seen formal “leaders” (people with position) perform abysmally as a leader (I have been one of those on many occasions). I have also learned that leadership is pervasive and needed EVERYWHERE! At home, school, church, work, among friends, and in our communities. Leadership applies to large groups as well as to individual, one-on-one relationships. In my work coaching many people to achieve financial excellence I have learned, through much observation, that a huge differentiating factor in financial success is the ability to lead people. Without question, from a financial perspective, very …

Nate WilliamsAdmired Leadership Field Notes

How to Become a Decamillionaire Doctor, Part I

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Who Wants to Be a Decamillionaire? For over a century in the United States, “millionaire” has been the ultimate standard for financial accomplishment. Unfortunately, millionaire doesn’t carry the same “ring” to it as in decades past. Although it is always fun to see our clients’ net worth pass the 7-digit mark, to sustain a lifestyle that most doctors become accustomed to, they will now have to far surpass the millionaire mark. At Practice Financial Group, we have been preaching for years now that the ideal financial status is to be debt free with a $5,000,000 to $10,000,000 in retirement investments. This number excludes your practice, your building (if you own it), and your house. Does this sound lofty? Although we are optimistic by nature, we only set achievable goals. This goal of being debt free and having $5-10 million in the bank is quite achievable, but most doctors will not reach …

Nate WilliamsHow to Become a Decamillionaire Doctor, Part I

What Can Dentists Learn About Leadership from Marshawn Lynch?

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Leadership is a difficult concept to teach. It’s easier to show an example of a good leader than to describe what makes a good leader. For this example, we’ll turn to the colorful Marshawn Lynch, Mr. Beast Mode himself. What can we learn about leadership from Marshawn Lynch? From this clip, just about everything. Cue the video… Well, what did you learn about leadership? Perhaps you should watch it again…

Nate WilliamsWhat Can Dentists Learn About Leadership from Marshawn Lynch?

The Successful Dentist: It’s Who They Are

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Collectively at Practice Financial Group we have worked with hundreds of doctors. They are all unique in their personalities, practice circumstances, income, net worth, age, etc. We have advised deca-millionaires (net worth greater than $10 million) and clients with multimillion-dollar debt loads. We have seen both thriving and floundering practices, and the broad spectrum in between. Our experience has been a fine-tuned education in what creates and sustains wealth, including the keys to running a successful practice. With regard to the successful practice, we often asked, “What do successful dentists do, that less successful ones don’t do?” Do their secrets lie in better advertising campaigns, or free whitening promotions? Many of our blog posts aim to answer this question; our information comes from what we have studied and more importantly what we have observed. After years of study and observation, it has become clear that to ask “what do they …

Nate WilliamsThe Successful Dentist: It’s Who They Are