Cash Balance Plans 101

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Specific financial recommendations are like dental procedures – they are made when the circumstances make the recommendation appropriate. For the doctors with the right circumstances, we have been recommending Cash Balance plans for years to accelerate toward retirement and drastically cut taxes. The purpose of this post is to give an overview on what Cash Balance plans are and how they work.

Nate WilliamsCash Balance Plans 101

“I Hate Paying Taxes…”

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Congratulations to those who survived the tax deadline and thanks to the IRS for extending the deadline to April 18, 2017! I specifically want to acknowledge Chad Rogers and the rest of the tax team at PFG (Josh, Sara, Kate, Ryan, and Naomi). Most of you who are reading this benefited personally from their tireless work, laser-like attention to detail, and unnaturally high level of ownership. I wish each of our clients could see the inner workings of the well-run machine that Chad and his team have created. We’re always striving to get better, but wow! Good work guys. We’re all better off now that I’m not running that part of our business. After delivering the final news of how much one client owed to the IRS, he responded via email with this phrase: “P.S. I absolutely hate paying taxes, about more than anything!” This year we found this sentiment …

Nate Williams“I Hate Paying Taxes…”

“Much Ado About Nothing” (the over-hyped Section 179)

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Here’s the summary; do these things and you don’t have to read further: Don’t ever spend money just for a tax deduction Buy equipment in your practice when it makes business sense to do so; ignore taxes in this analysis When your equipment rep starts talking about section 179, smile and show him the door Set a goal to pay as much in taxes as you can (What!? Did my accountant just tell me I should pay MORE taxes??) December has to be the best month by far to be a dental equipment sales rep. They must love walking into doctors’ offices, showing off their fancy toys, and then saying those magic numbers that make every dentists’ ears ring: 1 – 7 – 9. When that happens, the dentist wisely calls his run-of-the-mill accountant who thinks, ‘crap, I have no idea how much this guy is going to owe in …

Nate Williams“Much Ado About Nothing” (the over-hyped Section 179)