Why Should Dentists Invest?

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This post is the first in a series of five posts that lay out the PFG Investment Philosophy. Through these posts, we try and lay the foundation of knowledge around investments that clients should know, and answer the most commonly asked questions. Question #1: Why Should Dentists Invest? The wealthiest people in the world, and the wealthiest doctors, are good investors. Why? They want their money to work for them. If you’re going to last 30+ years in retirement, you’ll need your money to work for you long after you’ve stopped working for yourself. Investing is not gambling. We don’t “put our money in” and cross our fingers hoping that on some magical day it will all come back to us. Just like you expect a profit in your own dental practice, we fully expect a return on our investments. We advise investing in real companies with real people working to …

Nate WilliamsWhy Should Dentists Invest?