“Much Ado About Nothing” (the over-hyped Section 179)

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Here’s the summary; do these things and you don’t have to read further: Don’t ever spend money just for a tax deduction Buy equipment in your practice when it makes business sense to do so; ignore taxes in this analysis When your equipment rep starts talking about section 179, smile and show him the door Set a goal to pay as much in taxes as you can (What!? Did my accountant just tell me I should pay MORE taxes??) December has to be the best month by far to be a dental equipment sales rep. They must love walking into doctors’ offices, showing off their fancy toys, and then saying those magic numbers that make every dentists’ ears ring: 1 – 7 – 9. When that happens, the dentist wisely calls his run-of-the-mill accountant who thinks, ‘crap, I have no idea how much this guy is going to owe in …

Nate Williams“Much Ado About Nothing” (the over-hyped Section 179)